Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Great Escape

Well it wasn't really the great escape but we were packed up and out of the not so Grand Burstin by 8am. No breakfast we thought our money would be better spent on something edible.

Folkestone is only a short drive to Dover to see Dover Castle and

of course the White Cliffs. They are spectacular especially with the morning sun shining on them. It was difficult to get a really good look at them from track we were on but we enjoyed the walk.

The boys enjoyed their first full English breakfast at a little cafe next to this church. Note the gravestones, this is quite common for the old churches to graveyards around them. Full tummies we headed west in the general direction of Salisbury.
After driving for miles beside a sea wall curiosity got the better of us so we had to stop for a look, beach for as far as we could see in either direction. To the right of this picture the land is quite a bit lower than the beach hence the wall to hold back any very high tides. I though all the beaches in England were pebbly but apparently not, though they are pebbles along the walkway.
There is so much too see that we can't possibly stop everywhere so Brenda and I (in the back seat) are getting whiplash while we're driving along. Brenda will need a new camera by the time she gets home, she is snapping away as we drive along. I, on the other hand, am choosing to just soak it all in and leave photographs for when we stop.
Pevency Castle ruins wasn't a planned stop but just happened to be our late lunchtime break. The walk around the ruins was beautiful and felt like a typical spring day at home.
The rest of the afternoon was spent driving and quite a long search for somewhere to stay. It was a long weekend here and B & B aren't always easy to find. We finally found an lovely inn in the middle of nowhere, cheap, lovely rooms, good service and good food.
A sigh of relief after last night.

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