Saturday, 21 June 2014

With Camera in Hand

Hi Everyone. How's your week been? Mine has been pretty good.
I've decided to trial something new, a weekly roundup in photos. I got the idea from Pinknits blog, who does a 'Sunday Snapshots' every week. I think it will be a great way to do at least one post a week quickly, so you can see what is happening, or what's catching my eye and I won't have to write too much(the time consuming part). Most of the photos will be taken with my Iphone which I carry around with me most of the time, like most of you I suppose, so it's easy to capture moments. About the only time I don't have it with me is when I'm gardening. Some photos will be taken with my DSLR but I'll label them. If you would like more information about anything in the photos just leave a comment and I'll reply or do a seperate post about the subject matter. Your chance to have a say about what happens here.So here we go.

With Camera in Hand (1)

 I received this BEAUTIFUL book of photographs (B&W) in the mail. I ordered it after seeing this TED Talk. It wasn't cheap but so worth it for someone that loves great photography. 500+ pages of inspiration.
I made this birthday cake for a best friend, Orange Honeysuckle Cake. Nothing healthy about this one and oh so delicious. Proves I do make naughty cakes.
Lulu catching the morning sun.
 A frosty morning and a bit B&W editing.(DSLR)
Same morning drenching the herd.(DSLR)
And ended up in the neighbours garden capturing the lilies, that shouldn't be flowering in winter. (DSLR)
The start of a morning walk. 
 Birds on a wire or two 
UNnoodle Chicken & Veg Soup (see previous post)
 Working with an idea
 'Granny' is growing.
Excited about the launch of a new fashion label.
(more sneak peeks on Instagram @_cherrycollins_)
Receiving a pretty package from 'Naomi Loves'. Inside her book 'Airmail', a free gift for following her blog.

Freezing my but off here, watching the Federals girls training hard.
The fog settling early on the creek. Not a good sign.
So that's my week in photographs, until next time


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  1. Michelle I particularly love the morning ones with the dog, the herd and the morning walk. Well done x

    1. Thanks Karen. The fog and morning light creates a beautiful atmosphere for photos.

  2. The photos of the fog are gorgeous! I love the birds on the wires.
    I am off to follow your new fashion Instagram account.
    Weekly photos make a lovely post I think, I do a weekly round up on a Monday. Clare x

    1. Thanks Clare. I like the birds on the wire too even if those same birds are public enemy number one in the garden. My daughter, Cherry, is the fashion designer and I'm hoping I'll be able to post some real photo very soon.

  3. These are gorgeous. You have a lovely way with LIGHT, lady! Thanks for sharing them. xx

    1. Thanks Pip. I do love the way the sun plays off and through things. It's not always easy to capture what you see but sometimes you get more than you expect.