Friday, 29 May 2015

Salisbury & Stone Henge

Imaginative title I know but nothing was coming to me, and I'm  falling further behind oh well.
Monday we headed to Salisbury and a visit to the Cathedral. 
Another beautiful building and this time we were allowed the photograph inside though I opted not to use a flash so some photos are a little blurry but you'll get the general idea.
Beautiful ceilings
Stained glass windows
Carved woodwork
Salisbury Cathedral is similar to Westminster in style though it is brighter inside and not quite as crowded with tombs and sculptures, or people for that matter. It is also surrounded by spacious park like grounds so it had a lovely feel about it.
From the old to the really old, Stone Henge.
To say Stone Henge is a popular tourist attraction is an understatement. It took about an hour to drive the last 5km and the number people is ridiculous. I will admit I was a little disappointed, not by the amazing feat it would have been to create structure, that is truly amazing, but the energy I was expecting to feel at this ancient religious site was somehow zapped by the crowd of people (see below, it was like that all the way round). Yes, I know we were part of that crowd. I would love to experience it by myself but that's the introvert in me speaking.
We found a lovely B&B is Westbury just south of Bath. The owners were lovely, and very helpful with suggestions for sightseeing.
Still not catching up cause we're on the move again.

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