Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Cornwall Coast

Okay so I didn't get around to catching up on writing any posts while on the plane home but I will continue on here, even though I'm home now, so that our travel adventure is complete.

When we arrived in Weston-Super-Mare last night it was overcast and bleak but we awoke this morning to beautiful sunshine, ideal sightseeing weather. Weston-Super-Mare is very close to where Cornwall meets Wales at the start of the Bristol Straight.
It was fascinating to see how far the tide went out. Where there had been water here last night, this morning we couldn't see any for miles. We have seen a lot of boats beached on the sand like this in our travels. It seems that every time we've been near tidal water ways the tide has been out.
The Cornish countryside is beautiful with a patchwork of paddocks divided by hedgerows and trimmed with cliffs dropping into the sea. The hedgerows are taller here than in other parts of England so you only get glimpses of the scenery every now and again when your on the crest of a hill. To be truthful I'm a little over the hedgerows.
This is the coast near Tintagel Castle where we stopped for a good look around. 
Tintagel Castle is associated with the birth of the legendary King Artur.

The views from the ruins were stunning no matter which way we looked.
And the the wildflowers were so pretty growing everywhere, amongst the grass and rocky crevices.
We had set off this morning thinking we would get all the way along the north coast of Cornwall and some of the south as well but it's something than cannot be rushed, it is so beautiful so we decided to head for our accommodation at Truro and continue Lands End tomorrow.

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