Sunday, 11 May 2014

Yay It's May

Phew I'm glad April is over. I'm not one to wish my life away but I'm glad that I can get back to doing what I like without time constraints.........
Or so I thought when I started writing this post 10 days ago. I started writing quite a lengthy review of April's activities which I was going to do in parts when I got half way through the first part and it disappeared. I started over again but it was taking too long so now a quicker review in point form with photos all in one post.

Man From Snowy River Festival:
For various reasons I didn't end up participating in, looking at or watching anything at the Festival but if you want to see some great photos go to Great Art Photos.

30th Anniversary Getaway:
Ross and I don't usually make much of a fuss about our anniversary but we thought 30 years was pretty significant so decided have a few days away. We headed to Narooma on the south coast of NSW(New South Wales, Australia) on the Monday, down the coast to Lakes Entrance in Victoria on the Tuesday, across to Melbourne on Wednesday and home Friday.

Narooma, Mallacoota, Mumbulla Creek Falls, Lakes Entrance
Australia Quilt Convention:
The whole reason for heading to Melbourne was for this quilt show. I haven't been for a couple of years and this year it was fun to take my daughter, Heidi, along as a new patchworker. Heidi has been to quilt shows with me before but this time with different eyes, not just looking at the lovely quilts but analysing how they are made and different techniques.
A few of my favourites

And a few more

Another favourite(loved the textures & techniques), newbie taking reference photo(makes her a real quilter), newbie with her very own large cutting mat and my purchases.

Easter is usually spent camping, 4 wheel driving, motorbike riding and various other activities with Ross' family. This year our base camp was on the banks of the Murray River only about 10 minutes from town.
Camp activity, relaxing, reading, cooking, colouring in for the young adults with the 3 year old, who has lost interest.

A drive to the beautiful Budong Falls
Lower Budong Falls looking up
Lower Budong Falls looking down
And of course Easter always includes making heaps of these, about 5 or 6 dozen Hot Cross Buns. If you would like the recipe it is on Heidi's blog, Hide and Go Cook.

Women on Farms Gathering:
This event ran pretty smoothly and was a great success thanks to the organising commitee and volunteers.

The 30cm square patch I designed and made as our contribution to the perpetual banner.

The patch on the banner.
Some of my quilts on display in hall.
Instructing a workshop on Kudusama flowers and other paper folding.
Getting our garden ready for the gardens tour was the most time consuming activity for the month and I forgot to take any photos while the women were visiting. Oh well, they had a lovely time.

So that's it for April, busy though it was, it was full of fun and overall it was a great month. Now it's back to "normal".
I'm hoping to be back really soon so until then toodles.





  1. There has been a lot happening around here hasn't there? Congrats on your 30th Anniversary. Love all the quilts you have been making. I haven't been doing much sewing at all the last 12 months or so but I am going to try to get started again over the Winter. I hope you enjoy your blogging. You meet a lot of wonderful people along the way. x

    1. Thanks Jackie. When you get back into the sewing and if you feel like some company we would love to see you on Friday afternoons at the Neighbourhood Centre.