Friday, 4 April 2014

Busy April

Hi everyone, how busy is April for all of you? For me, it feels like I've taken a big bite and now I having to chew like heck.
This weekend starting yesterday our little country town of 1500(approx.) hosts(or gets invaded by) 10,000+ people for this event
From official website
The Man From Snowy River Festival centres around the poem by AB "Banjo" Patterson and if you've followed the link you can see that it involves a lot of horsey stuff. I'm not a particularly horsey person but I do like to look at the Art & Photography Exhibition and watch the final two events the 'Brumby Catch’ and the ‘Stock Saddle Buckjump’ on the Sunday afternoon.
Photo from official website

Photo from official website
I also like to watch the street parade
This year some friends & I decided to participate in the parade, to promote another event that we are passionate about "Garden Getabout"  which happens on the second weekend in November. Anyway this is the situation this morning.
Yes, rain. I love the rain (goodness knows we need it) and I even like walking in the rain, but I not to sure about parading in it. The Festival committee have already had to postpone one of today's event until Sunday so we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully the rain will stop by parade time.

The other event that has been keeping me busy is this one.
This gathering in essentially a "get away from it all" weekend for rural women. It is a weekend full of workshops, tours and dinners with speakers telling their stories, and is hosted by a different Victorian town each year. This year we are hosting it so I been working on;
these for a workshop
this for our contribution to the official banner
these for displaying
 the most time consuming
 this for a garden tour.
The poor garden has been a bit neglected (apart from watering) over our VERY HOT DRY summer and up until a couple of weeks ago I thought I would have to pull out, it was looking so forlorn. A bit of rain has sparked it up though and the plants are starting to look refreshed but also the weeds have taken off. So there's a lot of weeding and edges and cutting back to be done. The bright side, a lot of the work that I would have do in preparation for the "Garden Getabout" will be done.
Now on top of all that we have to fit in Easter which involves a big family camping weekend and of course the Easter season wouldn't be complete without baking lots of these

My family would kick up a real fuss if there weren't homemade hot cross buns. I love them too, there's nothing quite like fresh out of the oven buns. Mmmmmmm yum.

There you go busy April wish me luck as I chew through it. See you soon. Toodles

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