Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Near Disaster

Okay, so the title of this post might be a little dramatic, and considering what else is happening in the world it certainly is, but in my small little holiday world it nearly was a disaster.
The short story (I could drag it out but won't). In an effort to get a good photo of this waterfall I ventured off the road to get a bit closer and ended up on my toosh with both me and the camera wet and muddy. Not so bad for me but could be disastrous for cameras. I eventually got the camera cleaned up (after an hour) except for one sneaky drop of water under the lens filter (how does that happen?) I couldn't get the filter off, grrrrr, then it fogged up, more grrrr. I was pretty annoyed with myself and was resigned to holiday snapping with iPhone and iPad, not ideal in my world.  
The photo I should've been happy with. The waterfall is bigger than it appears in the first photo, if you notice on the left the blue speck is man, that gives you a better perspective.

While the camera dried out, with help from the car heater(fingers crossed), I made do with substitutes to capture the stunning and varied scenery.

By the afternoon the camera filter had dried but with residual fine dirty specks. Fortunately they don't seem to be affecting the photos.

Happy to have my old friend back in hand we stopped at Dunvegan Castle on the west coast of Skye. Very grand as all the castles are but maybe not as impressive as some. I think the gardens are the main attraction here.
Meandering paths through brimming garden beds.
The season is very late here, given that it's supposed to be summer the garden are only at early spring stage. You can just see that everything in the formal walled garden is just waiting for some warm weather so it can burst into its glory.
The gardeners planting over 1000 marguerite daisies and fuchsias for a what will be a fabulous summer display. 
So for day that started with a bit of a hiccup at a waterfall and it finished with a flourish with natural waterfall in a garden (a gardeners dream).
A good note to finish on.

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