Monday, 8 June 2015

Lake to Skye

What a fabulous scenery day it was today, breathtaking, beautiful and some how comforting. I think it's because it reminds me of driving through the Snowy Mountains back home, minus the gum trees. I must admit I had been missing the mountains.
We started our day by finishing our circuit of Loch Ness.

As you can see the weather was an improvement on yesterday and the lake had much different look and feel about it. Much better for photographs too. 
We said goodbye to Loch Ness, without seeing Nessie, surprise, surprise, and travelled along the coast between Scotland and the Isle of Skye to be blown away by the scenery.
There are literally hundred of these little waterfalls trickling down the mountains. 
We have learned pretty quickly in Scotland the weather is very fickle and don't get out of the car without putting on a raincoat.
Eileen Donan Castle is a restored castle that sits on a very small island at the junction of three lochs, Alsh, Long and Duich.  
It was only mid afternoon when we arrived on Skye and the sun was out again so time for a little exploring.
Our accommodation overlooked Loch Alsh and the bridge that is the main link with mainland Scotland.    The bridge was built in the 1990s, before that the island was accessed by ferry.
After tea we strolled along the waterfront and the others walking to the top of the bridge. I opted out, it was too cold and windy for me, and I was too tired. Back in our room I promptly fell asleep and left Ross locked out of our room. No amount of knocking was going to wake me so he had to get the receptionist to let him in. She was a bit suspicious about his motives until she opened the door and saw me, flaked out and fully clothed on the bed.
Note to self, don't leave me alone in the room with the key at night.

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