Monday, 1 June 2015

Licorice Allsorts

What an an interesting day it was today, a variety of things to see and do. We decided to stay another night Morton so we could have a full day and not have to worry about accommodation. The goal for the day was to take the train to the top of Mount Snowdonia, the highest peak in Wales, though still only a baby at 1085 metres.
The countryside in Wales is so beautiful, just like all the pictures you've ever seen.
The paddocks are lush and green and divided by stone walls, kilometres and kilometres of stone walls. Most of the time we only saw wire if part of a wall had fallen down or if it wasn't high enough to keep some athletic sheep from getting out. Unfortunately it wasn't the best day for photography.
We took a little detour on our way to Snowdon to visit Trefriw Woollen Mills.
It was interesting to see the process from fleece to fabric. Ross was particularly intrigued by the mechanics of it all, no surprise there.
The fabric on this loom produces traditional Welsh bedspreads which is a double weave with geometric design.
I love the patterns (maybe not so much the colours) and find them very inspiring as a patch worker. I didn't buy anything though, the wool and fabric is very course, unlike our very soft Australian Merino, and very expensive.
When we got to Snowdon, at lunchtime,we were very lucky to get the last available tickets on the train but not until 4.00 so with a few hours to fill in what do you do but go visit a castle.
Penrhyn Castle, by castle standards, is fairly modern, 19th century, and was built basically as a holiday house to show off how wealthy the owners were.
Blurry photo, no flash allowed, but not too bad considering how dark the room was. This is where Queen Victoria slept and gives you a general idea of the opulence of the interior. Not a bad little holiday shack. Our visit was cut short by a fire alarm and immediate evacuation, oh well we had to get back to our Snowdonia train anyway.
The train ride was fantastic and the scenery stunning. 
Unfortunately when we got to the top it covered with cloud so no view. We did the two minute walk to touch the very top but there was no lingering though, it was freezing. It was back to the cafe for a hot drink for the girls and cold bevy (madness) for the boys.
It was getting on by the time we got back down the mountain. We were very thankful accommodation was sorted as we didn't get back til 8 o'clock.
A long satisfyingly day and looking forward to the Lakes District tomorrow.

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