Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Garden Itch

This is the first day I've had the itch to go home, not because I'm homesick or not having a good time but because we visited the most inspiring garden and I can wait to get home to my own.
Hidcote garden is so beautiful and dare I say it has humped Sissinghurst to number two, though to be fair we did catch Sissinghurst between flower flushes. Hidcote is so my kind of garden though, lots of colour (the season is a bit later here so bulbs were flowering) and a variety of styles and rooms, expertly linked together. It is Ross' favourite too. So many ideas now floating around in our heads.

After lunch we headed for Wales via a place called Ironbridge so named after you guest it an Ironbridge.
The town is promoted as th birthplace of the industrial revolution because it's where iron smelting with coke, no not the drink, was perfected. As for the bridge it is very impressive, the arches above are 100cm square solid cast iron.
The iron refinery.

The view from the bridge.
Accommodation was very difficult to find but eventually found a very nice reasonably priced motel in Morton close to the Wales border.