Monday, 25 May 2015

WOW! Overload

This morning it was on the  hop on, hop bus again straight to Westminster Abbey. 
Yes you guessed it another WOW experience. Very different from St Paul's, if for no other reason than the number of people. The Abbey isn't as expansive inside and there are a lot of tombs and statues. It is very impressive but it was harder to take it all in with soooo many people around. 
Again we weren't allowed to take photos in the main part of the Abbey but the photos above were taken in the cloisters and an older part of the original church that wasn't torn down when the abbey was built.
The afternoon was spent at the Victoria and Albert Museum. 
The lighting isn't the best for taking photos but once again lots of WOWing. So many fascinating and inspiring things.
 I was hoping to see some antique quilts here but unfortunately they have been archived while a new space is prepared for them. I "made do" with a fashion through the ages display. I was wishing Cherry and Heidi had been with me to share it. I 
could have spent a week here, I might have to come back again one day.
Suffering from WOW and visual overload that was another day done.

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