Friday, 10 October 2014

Craft Along - Week 3

Hey everyone,
Well where did the last week go, it's Friday already. My grand plans for a second post went out the window. I did take some photos for one but that's about it. I have been spending a lot of time head down bum up in the garden. With daylight saving starting last week I find it takes a while to get use to the light time difference and I still work until darkish, forgetting that it's now 7.30 or so. Then it's a rush to get tea ready, eat and bed. I do like it though as it's an extra hour to get stuff done, YAY.
Anyway I'm guessing that you're here today for the next instalment in the Mystery Project Craft Along. After the last weeks computer drama it's nice to be back on the desktop where I have access to everything. Thank goodness it was only a power supply issue within the computer so that fixed I'm a happy chappy. I have put a link on last weeks post for the printable instructions as promised.
How did you go last week? The ladies at Craft Group seem to enjoy it and found it easy enough. This week should be easy and enjoyable too.
This week you will need:
  2 x square in a square
  7 x coordinating strips
  embroidery thread

Mystery Project Craft Along - Week 3
Lay the 2" strips out so that you are happy with how they look.
Sew the 2 strips on each side together and then the 3 middle strips together and iron.

Trim the 2 pairs of side strips to 18½"
From the 3 strip middle piece crosscut 2 x 2" strips and 1 x 6½" strip (see below)
Sew the bottom of the heart blocks to each end of the 6½" strip and sew the 2" strips to the top of each heart block and iron.
Sew the side strips to either side of he centre piece and iron.

Lay the homespun/calico down then the batting and then place the patchwork piece on top.
Pin the layers together well and quilt as desired.(See note below)
Trim the batting and backing.
Zig zag around the edge with a long stitch to hold the layers together. This will make the next step easier.

NB: I quilted in the ditch around the square in a square block and the inner square, then ¼“ from the seams on all the strips with the sewing machine. I also used 3 strands of the embroidery thread to do some feature quilting on the inner square.
Pull the threads through to the wrong side, tie off and trim. There is no need to sew them in because they won't be seen when the project is finished.

That's it for this step. Probably a bit more work than last week, depending on how much quilting you decide to do. Do you like how it's looking? I hope so. Next week will be the final step and you will find out what you're making.

Hope you're enjoying yourselves.

Thanks for popping by and until next time 

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