Monday, 8 September 2014

Crafty Bits and Pieces.

Hi everyone,

Hope you're enjoying these beautiful Spring days (or Autumn days if you're in the northern hemisphere). Aren't they lovely, they always make me feel cheery. It has occurred to me that this blog is in need of a crafty update. While I haven't been making anything substantial, like a quilt, I have been fiddling around with a few bits and pieces. So what have my busy fingers being doing.

I finished my traditional Granny square rug(blanket/afghan). It has been finished for a while now I just forgot to do the big TA DAH so here she is bathing in the Spring sunshine
Just as I was finishing the last couple of squares I discovered a tutorial HERE at "Once Upon a Pink Moon" for a bobbly(pom pom) border. I immediately thought that it had to go on the edge of "Granny". I love bobbly trim and even though I thought it was going to take ages it didn't, once I got the hang of it.

I've been meaning to have a go at tapestry crochet for quite sometime but never got around to it. A couple of weeks ago I came across a tutorial for a simple coin purse, you can find it HERE at "Poppy and Bliss". I decided to give it a go and it wasn't difficult. I love the patterns you can make with tapestry crochet so I will be doing more.
I came across a V-stitch crocheted square at Le Monde de Sucrette while I was blog surfing last week.  I decided to have go at working it out for myself even though you can buy the pattern from the blog HERE.  I did work it out but I wasn't happy with the way centre of the square looked so I worked out another way to do it and I'm much happier.
Now everyone knows you can't just make one crocheted square, so I made a few more. These squares are quite addictive, just one more row, just one more colour, oh heck I'll just start another one, now I can't leave a square half done and on it goes.
Now I've put it away in the cupboard so I can't see it, but I'm sure I can hear it calling me. No it's going to be a long term project I have other things I have to do.
Yes the other things like projects for the Craft Getaway Weekend. Bookings have been a bit slow and we haven't reached our minimum number yet but I best be prepared. I don't want to give away exactly what we will be doing but I can give you a couple of sneaky peeks. I have been experimenting with a few ideas.
Some have worked, like this.
And this one
Some have not.
I'm hoping to have one session on the weekend that will be experimenting and playing with patchwork so I was testing one of my ideas. I think I know where I went wrong but I'll have to do some more playing. As it turns out when I was doing this trial I came up with a grander plan for this idea so it might not make it to the getaway weekend anyway.
At craft group on Fridays I thought we could do a joint project. The idea is for everyone to make some blocks based around a heart theme. When we have enough we will put them all together in a quilt and raffle it. These a few that I have made so far. 

And here are all the hearts so far. They're looking lovely.

Please forgive the photo, for some reason it only wanted to upload sideways and it's blurry. Oh well that's the way things go sometimes.
So that's the craft update. Hope you're having a crafty time too or doing something else you really enjoy.

Thanks for popping by and until next time 
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  1. Michelle, those hearts are so cute, what a great idea! You have been a busy bee! I love the granny squares bobble edging. Somewhere we have a blanket my mum chrocheted. Seeing your photo makes me want to find it. So gorgeous! I envy your skills!

    1. Ahhh, thanks Rachel. I hopeope you find your Mum's crocheted rug and have a good snuggle with it. Crochet is quite easy and relaxing once you get the hang of it, you should have a go. I learnt when I was a kid but there are lots of tutorials out there on YouTube and crochet blogs.
      BTW. Your post on the mobility scooter made me smile. I left a comment, I'm not sure whether you saw it.

  2. Michelle I just love the crochet, I'm itching to do more myself now! I can relate to the "just one more". Thank you for sharing - the pics have brightened my Monday

  3. Bravo for your traditional granny blanket! I love your square with the V-stitch, your hearts...
    I will come back again.

  4. Thanks Lucie for your lovely comments. I had a look at your blog, it is very nice.