Saturday, 6 June 2015

Ancient to Modern

Heading into Scotland today and just south of the border is Hadrian's Wall. It was built by the Romans about 2000 years ago to stop invaders from the north, and it stretches across Britain from coast to coast about 80 miles.
We visited Homesteads Fort probably the best preserved of the forts that originally were every few miles along the length of the wall.

As you can see from the magnificent views it's the ideal place to keep an eye out for sneaky invaders.
The afternoon was a stark contrast to the morning and an accidental activity. We knew of the Falkirk Wheel from Ross and Brenda sister Jo but didn't know exactly where it was until we nearly drove passed it. 
The Falkirk Wheel lifts boats 24 metres from one canal to another, like a modern day lock. It would take several traditional locks to do the same job and the wheel does it more efficiently.
The photo above shows the wheel raising and lower two boats at the same time and in the foreground you can see a boat being raised the traditional way.
Of course we had to go for a ride. Above photos - entering the wheel, reaching the top, a short ride through a tunnel and back, and another boat going up as we're coming down.
The views from the wheel, through raindrops on the windows.
There was also an intriguing water park for the "kids", with various ways of moving water up hill. Of course someone had to have a go.
Another interesting day and more of Scotland tomorrow.

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