Wednesday, 20 May 2015

London At Last

Hi Everyone
It's all a bit surreal really so far we've seen the inside of airports, a plane, couple of trains and the street where we are staying, that looks like any street in Melbourne except for the black cabs and red double decker buses, but we're half around the world.
We had a pretty good flight, Ross and I had exit row seats so plenty of leg room but no window unfortunately. Had a little hiccup at Dubai where I left my bag on the plane and had to race back and get it. Fortunately the cleaners hadn't found it or there may have been a security alert. The irony of the situation was we were getting back on the same plane and same seats. Anyway the flight attendants were all very nice about it.
Rest of the trip was uneventful and manage to negotiate the London train system and arrived our apartment, which is within throwing distance of the train station, 38 hours after leaving Corryong. Have only just done that calculation no wonder we were tired with only limited sleep on the plane. 
Woke this morning to daylight thinking we had slept in but only 4.30, a little trippy. Anyway feeling refreshed, so far, and ready to take on the day. A little look around and then Chelsea Flower Show this afternoon. YAY!! 
It's now 6.30am and I'm being given the hurry up. Not sure I'm liking others (Brenda, Peter & Ross) being early risers too, anyway I dare say they will settle back to their normal sleeping patterns in a few days. 

TOODLES for now.

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