Thursday, 17 July 2014

More Than Flowers

Hi Everyone,
July is the month when the garden seems to take a deep breath before it has to put on it's show in the Spring. There are still a few flowers putting some cheer into the winter days but there is also plenty of other beauty and interest. So let's go for a June/July garden walk.

 I love the way the frost covers everything and then glistens in the morning sun.
 The birdies need ice skates
 The frost can even make the weeds look pretty

 Cockatoos enjoying the morning rays  
 Bare elegant branches of the gleditzia & silver birch against the far to regularly grey sky
 Seeds of the rain tree, silver birch & maple.
These succulents don't mind the winter frosts. The red one is green in the warmer months.
Not much happening here but red spinach & self sown parsley
Daphne and daffodils.

The mild winter has confused the Arum lilies, they shouldn't be flowering. 
View of the foggy Towong valley from their arboretum. 
Shaggy gum tree.
So that is some of the wintery garden. If the truth be told this post was going to be last weekend with more photos, but I had an lovely impromptu visit from my eldest sister from Campbelltown near Sydney on Sunday. Then on Monday I travelled to Melbourne to help my eldest daughter Cherry with some finishing touches and  preparation for a very exciting event which is happening tonight. That is a whole separate post though, but a sneak peak it involves this
or if you are on Instagram you can search #cherrycollinsofficial for more sneaky peaks.
Well anyway there goes the alarm, time to get my girl up and moving. There is still lots to do today.
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