Friday, 14 March 2014

Taking the Plunge

For some time now I have been debating with myself about whether or not to start a blog. As you can see the affirmative side has won so here we go. We will be fairly basic to start of with until I get the hang of things but it's better to do something than nothing perfectly.
You can expect a sharing of anything that interests me and my interests are many and varied. I love to do lots of different crafts and like to look at & appreciate many more. I enjoy gardening in my extensive garden & looking at other people's gardens, cooking (particularly baking) & trying new recipes. I am also interested in nutrition & exercise, art & photography, spirituality & alternative therapies and anything quirky, even though I'm not quirky myself.
Hmmm where to start. Maybe with now and later on I'll do some catching up(which could take a while).
On the weekend, while I was Youtube surfing, I discovered zentangles or rather I discovered the name zentangles. My second daughter used to spend hours doing something similar, but I didn't know it had a name. You have probably seen them yourself, and like me, thought they were pretty/interesting but not something you could do. The Youtube clip made it seem simple, so I ordered a couple of books via the internet, but I couldn't wait for them to arrive so I grabbed a scrap of paper, a pencil, a uni ball pen & an eraser.

This is the result. I was pleased with how it turned out and really enjoyed the process. So then I googled some images for reference, found a fine liner(more control over the ink and doesn't tend to bleed through the paper) and a special "leather" bound book with blank pages and I was off and running.

It is very relaxing, easy and in a way exciting, yes maybe I need to get a life but that's the way I tick. I could "waste" hours doing this but is it wasting time when creating something so lovely. Those that know me would say I can be a little bit of a perfectionist so I find this quite freeing, no planning, just go with the flow. It is also so portable and you only need basic supplies. I think I may be hooked.

When I was Youtube surfing I was actually looking at patchwork clips so, that being my current crafting passion, I'm now planning to make an abstract quilt from one of the designs, but that will be a little way down the track and for another post. 

Well there you go, the first step taken, they say it's always the hardest. Hope you enjoyed and you come back to visit.



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  1. I'm the same, I dabble in all sorts of crafts. I've always called it 'doodling' but zentangle is a fun name too. lol Yours is great for your first time out! A zentangled quilt sounds very interesting. Best of luck with the bloggin'!